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Celebrating Accomplishments
The Lower School enables students to discover emerging capabilities, celebrate accomplishments, and develop confidence and self-esteem. We have created a stimulating and safe learning environment where students are given opportunities to test new skills, take risks, and learn to deal with failure as well as success.
We teach young students about our diverse world by focusing on a variety of cultures and perspectives applied to real-world situations. The curriculum is designed to let students grow emotionally, socially, and academically. They learn problem solving and critical thinking through class discussions, small-group projects, and cooperative learning groups. At the same time, we acknowledge and respect each student's individuality and developmental pace. By combining multiple educational strategies with students' interests, our learners become active participants in the education process.
Lower School Contacts
Elaine Aoki
Lower School Director
(206) 326-7739

Gay Easter
Lower School Learning Coordinator & Co-Assistant Director of the Lower School
(206) 326-7745

Kimberle Jackson-Butler
LS/MS Counselor, Coordinator for LS Families of Students of Color, & Co-Assistant Director of LS
(206) 326-7720

Eileen Schiller
Lower School Administrative Assistant
(206) 326-7738