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Learn more about The Bush School's response to the COVID-19 health outbreak. This webpage includes updates, announcements, and general information about how The Bush School is responding to the COVID-19 health outbreak during the 2020-2021 school year. Now more than ever we are a community connected.


A Community Connected Newsletter

A Community Connected is the e-newsletter from Head of School Percy L. Abram sent out to the Bush community with the latest information and updates on how the school is responding to the COVID-19 health outbreak. You can find the newsletters from this school year listed here:

Wednesday, May 13
Wednesday, April 7
Wednesday, March 24

COVID-19 Dashboard

    • Covid Dashboard

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(Last updated May 10, 2021)
Number of cases confirmed as a result of on-campus transmission = 0
Faculty & Staff includes Sage Dining Services employees, who are contracted through an outside vendor. 

*Estimated daily attendance, not accounting for absences or daily choice of telepresence. 
**Confirmed cases are cases with positive SARS-CoV2 PCR molecular test results. 
***The Bush School has limited visitors to campus during the COVID-19 health outbreak. This count of COVID-19 cases includes visitors who were on campus and then informed the school about a case of positive COVID-19.

Recent Announcements

List of 5 news stories.

  • Parent University Health Panel Event Recording

    To learn more about the Health Panel’s role in decision-making, their impressions about what the year ahead holds, and advice for helping our students move forward with grace and ease, please click here for a recording of last night’s Parent University featuring the members of Bush’s Health Panel. Health Panelist and Bush parent Dr. Veronika Zantop, a Psychiatrist at Swedish Medical Center, shared this valuable resource from the Washington State Department of Health on how to support children and teens during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • COVID-19 Testing at The Bush School

    The Bush School has partnered with Altius Institute Laboratory to provide free PCR testing for the Bush Community.  All faculty and staff who have regular in-person contact with students are mandated to have COVID-19 testing done every two weeks, either by Wellness Coordinator Happy Salinas-Santos or by their own private provider. Additionally, the Middle and Upper School divisions randomly choose 5-10% of the students who are listed as on-campus to obtain COVID-19 testing each week they are on campus. We also offer any staff, faculty member, or student the opportunity to test before they go home if they become symptomatic during the school day. Results are usually back within 24-48 hours.
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  • Save the Dates! Commencement and Moving Up Ceremonies

    We are pleased to share that The Bush School is planning to hold in-person events this June to celebrate our students completing their time in each division. If conditions allow, we will host in-person the Class of 2021 Commencement as well as the Fifth and Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremonies. Listed below are the dates, times, and locations for these events. More specific event information will be forthcoming.

    Class of 2021 Commencement
    Sunday, June 13
    11:00 a.m.
    Location: T-Mobile Park, 1250 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134
    Attendance: Members of Bush Class of 2021 / TBD: limited number of family members (see below)
    Streamed live at www.bush.edu/virtualevents

    Class of 2025 Moving Up Ceremony
    Thursday, June 10
    9:00-10:30 a.m.
    Location: The Bush School, Magusin Gymnasium
    Attendance: Members of Bush Class of 2025 / TBD: limited number of family members (see below)
    Streamed live at www.bush.edu/virtualevents
    This year the ceremony will include the Eighth Grade students only. Sixth and Seventh Grade students will have a separate opportunity this spring to recognize their moving up to the next grade level in Middle School.

    Class of 2028 Moving Up Ceremony
    Tuesday, June 8 
    1:00-2:30 p.m.
    Location: The Bush School, Magusin Gymnasium
    Attendance: Members of Bush Class of 2028 / TBD: limited number of family members  (see below)
    Streamed live at www.bush.edu/virtualevents
    In hosting these special events, the school will follow current health and safety protocols (e.g. physically-distanced seating, facial coverings, health screenings, etc.) as well as state and local guidelines for large gatherings. We will send out additional information about the possibility of families attending as the dates approach. Unlike previous ceremonies, out of public health concerns, we will limit the number of people from each student's household(s) who can attend in person. At this point, we cannot guarantee that family members from outside of the student's household(s) will be able to attend. We anticipate more flexibility in the larger outdoor venue (T-Mobile Park) for Commencement than for the indoor venue (Magusin Gymnasium) on campus.   
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  • Middle and Upper School On-Campus Schedule

    Following spring break, the Middle and Upper School will continue to follow the hybrid rotating weekly schedule. Each division will now have all grades on campus Monday-Thursday during their on-campus hybrid weeks. Middle School will return to campus on Tuesday, April 20; the Upper School is on campus the week beginning Monday, April 26. Even with the governor’s recent guidance that schools may move to three rather than six feet of physical distance, we are unable to have all Middle School and Upper School students join the Lower School students on campus. This is primarily due to the smaller classroom sizes in the Middle School and Gracemont. There are other logistical concerns around sufficient lunch seating, mixing of pods on campus, and sharing of common spaces. 
    MIDDLE SCHOOL: Middle School will now host all three grade levels—Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades—on campus Monday through Thursday during the Middle School on-campus hybrid weeks, starting the week of April 19. Friday will continue as a remote schooling day during Middle School on-campus weeks. More information about the on-campus week schedule will be sent out later this week from the Middle School Office, including information about drop-off and pick-up times which will take place in the same general time frame with some slight adjustments to accommodate more students arriving and departing campus. 
    UPPER SCHOOL: Upper School will now host all four grade levels—Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grades—on campus Monday through Thursday on the Upper School on-campus hybrid weeks, starting the week of April 26. Friday will continue as an asynchronous day during Upper School on-campus weeks. More information about the on-campus week schedule will be sent out following spring break from the Upper School Office, including information about drop-off and pick-up times which will take place in the same general time frame with some slight adjustments to accommodate more students arriving and departing campus.
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  • Reminder about Changing On-Campus or Remote Status

    Please notify your division’s office at least 24 hours in advance if your child is registered for our on-campus program and needs to temporarily move to remote schooling, and at least 72 hours in advance if your child is off-campus and would like to move to on-campus schooling. This allows us to prepare materials, plans, and furniture. If a student registered for on-campus schooling and must miss a day due to illness, they cannot shift to the telepresence program for the day or with less than 24 hours notice 
    Temporary Status Change (14 days or less): If your family needs to temporarily change your child’s status due to quarantine for travel or COVID-19 related reasons, please contact School Wellness Coordinator Happy Salinas-Santos and your division office to indicate these temporary status changes from on-campus to remote schooling. Lower School families, please also notify your classroom teacher. Middle and Upper School families, please also notify your advisor. 
    Long Term Status Change (14 days or more): If your family needs to change your child’s enrollment status for a longer period of time, please use the 2020-2021 Bush K-12 Online & 100 % Remote Schooling Form.
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School Wellness and COVID-19 Information

Welcome School Wellness Coordinator Happy Salinas-Santos!

This year The Bush School created a new position, School Wellness Coordinator, to manage Bush’s response to the pandemic, to coordinate health services for students, faculty, and staff, and to serve as a liaison with Bush families regarding health matters. Happy is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) with years of experience serving children of all ages, and was named Top ARNP by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine three times. The Information listed below includes resources for families to navigate the health and safety protocols.

The Bush School has also convened a Health Panel comprised of local physicians, researchers, and private sector leaders who meet twice monthly to consult with and advise the school on health-related issues around COVID-19. The panel endeavors to meet twice monthly.

The Bush School Health Panel Members
Percy L. Abram, Ph.D., Head of School at The Bush School
Derel Finch, M.D., Pulmonary/Critical Care Health Expert (Chief Medical Officer—Swedish 2015-2020)
Mamie Marcuss, Director of Programs for Challenge Seattle
Paul Pottinger, M.D., D.T.M.H., F.A.C.P., F.I.D.S.A., Director of Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Clinic at University of Washington Medical Center
Happy Salinas-Santos, A.R.N.P., School Wellness Coordinator at The Bush School
Cassie Sauer, President and Chief Executive Officer for Washington State Hospital Association
Becky Sherman, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
David Townes, M.D., M.P.H., D.T.M.& H., Professor in Department of Emergency Medicine, Adjunct Professor in Department of Global Health, and Associate Director of Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program at University of Washington

Travel and Gathering Policies

The best mitigation practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is still to refrain from travel and gatherings where it is not possible to maintain a safe physical distance. We understand that families will make personal choices and ask that you know what affect your choices will have regarding your child rejoining school, should you choose to travel, or to host others in your home.  

The following policies apply to all students as well as faculty and staff who are not fully vaccinated (see faculty and staff section on criteria for being fully vaccinated).

Based on the recommendation of the School’s Health Panel, The Bush School will adopt the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for travel. Starting February 15, anyone who travels out of state (or participates in an indoor gathering with more than five people from outside of your household) will be required to quarantine for fourteen days before returning to campus OR submit to a viral test five days after travel, and if the results are negative, conduct another viral test no sooner than twenty-four hours after the first test. Proof of travel timeline and negative test results will be required to return to campus.

If students travel in a socially isolated situation, the 14-day quarantine (or testing) is not required. Socially isolated refers to travel that does not require going through a travel hub (e.g, airport or bus/train station). Examples of socially isolated travel include camping as a family unit and traveling in a family vehicle. In any travel situation, please remember to:
gather outside if possible, or in very well-ventilated indoor spaces, wear masks, and wash hands frequently.

Behaviors that will require a quarantine, regardless of travel, include attending an indoor social gathering (defined as five people from outside of your household) or hosting overnight guests in your or home. If you invite friends/relatives who are not regular visitors into your home for an extended stay—overnight or longer—or visit friends/relatives in their homes for extended periods—overnight or longer—you will be required to quarantine.  You will be required to quarantine for fourteen days before returning to campus OR submit to a viral test five days after gathering, and if the results are negative, conduct another viral test no sooner than twenty-four hours after the first test. Proof of gathering timeline and negative test results will be required to return to campus.
The following policy applies to fully vaccinated faculty and staff. 

In reviewing Bush’s travel policy and the recent CDC guidelines, the Bush Health Panel has advised that Bush faculty/staff who are fully vaccinated (one is fully vaccinated fourteen days after receiving the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer, vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and have proof of vaccination on file with School Wellness Coordinator Happy Salinas-Santos or Human Resources Director Shawna Skjonsberg-Fotoplous may travel through a travel hub (e.g. airport, bus station, train station, etc.) and return to work on campus without quarantining. This updated policy applies to domestic travel only. During travel, you still must follow CDC’s recommendations for traveling safely, which include wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, staying six feet from others, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands often or using hand sanitizer.

For more information regarding the revised CDC guidelines for domestic travel, please visit this Domestic Travel During COVID-19 page on their website.
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COVID-19 Screening Chart

The Bush School monitors information from Public Health Seattle & King County (PHSKC), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OPSI), and Governor Inslee’s guidance in order to assess risk levels and set protocols for on-campus activity. On September 3, the offices of Public Health Seattle & King County issued revised guidelines for families to determine when to permit their child to return to campus. The Bush School has adopted this framework and screening protocol for determining when you may bring your child to campus, and what steps to take in case they cannot come to campus. This framework aligns with the school’s daily health screening.

    • Covid-Chart

      Covid Update Chart_Page_1

We will respect the privacy and medical confidentiality of our community members who test positive for COVID-19. Although it is understandable that individuals would want to know if they have been exposed to someone who has a confirmed case, it is important to remember that we will work closely with the Seattle and King County Public Health Department to determine who needs to be contacted based on the contract tracing investigation of each case.

Student Daily Health Screening Via Magnus

  • All parents/guardians must complete and submit your child’s Magnus Health Screening each morning no later than 8:00 a.m. To get your account set-up, parents/guardians should log into your Magnus Health account on the Community Portal and set up a username for the Magnus Health app.
  •  Please read carefully—this is the most important step and common misstep for families in setting up the daily health screening. You CANNOT access the app directly until you create a username and password for the app in the Bush Community Portal. To do so, log into your child’s Magnus Health account in the portal. Users follow the login link in the portal on the Health Forms page. Next, create your login credentials (for the app) by hovering over your name within Magnus (top left of screen) and choose “Change Credentials.” Once this is created you can then access the app with this username and password. You can follow the directions on how to set this up here.
  • If your child has any COVID-19 symptoms, please help keep the community safe by staying home. 
  • Questions regarding the daily health screening or health and safety protocols? Please reach out to School Wellness Coordinator Happy Salinas-Santos at (206) 838-8814.

COVID-19 Testing at Bush

We know that testing protocols are an important strategy that, when incorporated with physical distancing, mask wearing, enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols, and proper ventilation techniques, can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. In January, we will work with Altius

Diagnostics Laboratory to begin COVID-19 testing for all employees and a randomly selected sample of Middle and Upper School students. Starting in January, any Middle or Upper School student who wishes to participate in on-campus schooling, interscholastic sports, or other on-campus activities, must be willing to participate in Bush’s COVID-19 testing program. Students will be selected at random for COVID-19 testing twice a week. If selected, and the student opts not to participate, they will revert to remote schooling until they complete a test.

Community Agreement

And as we take this next step together, we know that the school-home partnership is critical to our success. Everyone has a vital role to play as we transition to on-campus schooling. Together we are all called upon to prioritize our collective public health responsibility for reducing the spread of the virus and to limit social interactions outside of school. Please review The Bush School Community Agreement as part of our commitment to the safety and health of our community.

To read the Bush Community Agreement and click and download a PDF here