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Class of 2022

“This class of seniors has led with laughter, with fun, with authenticity,” Upper School Director Matt Lai.
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The 2021-2022 academic year theme of “courage” seemed fitting as the entire community returned in-person for learning this past fall and culminated in Commencement on campus for the first time since 2019. 

“This class of seniors has led with laughter, with fun, with authenticity,” Upper School Director Matt Lai said during his reflection to the Class of 2022. “You have built back up our community after tough times away.”

The event featured speeches from graduating seniors Sosna Biniam ’22, Elena Kopstein. ’22, Louise Puchalla ’22, and Quinn Chow ’22, as well as remarks from Head of School Percy L. Abram, Board President Steve Rosen ’84, Upper School Director Matt Lai, and Upper School Faculty, Marilina Kim. All individuals, in their own, eclectic way, commented on the unique journey the Class of 2022 has faced with the pandemic. The highs and lows, and, through uncertainty, the class came together this year and made an enormous impact on the community.

In his charge to the Class of 2022, Head of School Percy L. Abram offered a myriad of reflections of the graduation class through his passion for numerology. 

“In an effort to marry my personal passions to my professional life, I thought I would offer reflections from numbers chart I created for the Class of 2022. This class is hard to describe. They are unique and eclectic class actors, poets, songwriters, engineers, environmentalists, activists, do-gooders (and those with aspirations to be), change-makers, and champions! 

The angel number 22 is a sign that there are opportunities surrounding you now. These may be new openings you have created for yourself, or even unexpected opportunities that will take you in a new direction. If you keep your mind open, these opportunities will become clear, and you will be able to take advantage of them. Angel number 22 encourages you to think big and expand your horizons as far as possible. This number sequence asks you not to let fear stop you from opening your mind and allowing yourself opportunities that you may otherwise miss out on. repeatedly seeing the number 22 is an important message from angels that your ultimate goal is within reach. Which is not surprising to anyone who worked with you during your time at bush or watched you grow up.”

The Class of 2022 featured nineteen “Lifers”, students that attended all thirteen years at Bush. The Class of 2022 also won the school’s first-ever boys soccer state championship.

“As a class we embraced adversity with a warm hug,” Quinn C. ’22 said in his closing remarks. “I believe that in adversity, there’s always opportunity for change. And the only constant in life is change, and that takes courage.”
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