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Annual Report

Annual Report 2016-2017

From the Head of School

Dear Bush Community,

John Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn concludes with the line “Beauty is truth, truth beauty—that is all; Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” This powerful refrain not only helped to shape the school’s founding principles—Truth, Beauty, and Purpose—but served as the inspiration for last year’s convocation address and our school-wide theme, Truth.

This past year, our students, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees explored the universal truths that bind us, as well as the personal truths that make each of us unique. Sharing our stories of hope, struggle, triumph, conflict, and unity throughout the year helped us to realize that our truths make our school community vibrant, diverse, and extraordinary.

Your involvement with The Bush School—as alumnae/i, parents, trustees, and friends—has allowed the Board, administration, and faculty to espouse these principles and to educate tomorrow’s leaders in a trusting, loving, collaborative, and inclusive learning environment.

The 2016–2017 Annual Report demonstrates how our school lives its mission through our financial commitments and priorities. In the following pages, you will read about the innumerable ways in which our community came together to support our students, enrich our programs, and provide professional development opportunities for our faculty. Your generous support, from the record level of Annual Fund participation and dollars raised, to Celebrate Bush at the Museum of Flight, to the boundless energy and selfless service constantly on display throughout the school, made the 2016–2017 school year truly memorable.

We would not be able to fulfill our mission—to spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for learning, accomplishment, and contribution to their communities—without the generous support of every member of our community. Every donation of time and resources, every field trip chaperoned, every gathering attended, and every classroom visit enhances the Bush experience, and for that I am most grateful.

It is my pleasure to present the 2016–2017 Bush Annual Report. I hope that you will read through the document with pride in what we’ve accomplished together, and consider how you would like to be involved in our school in the year to come.

On behalf of everyone at Bush, thank you so much for your support.

With deep gratitude,

Percy L. Abram, Ph.D.
Head of School

Thank You to Our Donors

The password to access the Donor Lists and full Annual Report is included on a postcard mailed to donors of The Bush School. If you misplaced your postcard and need the password, please contact the Office of Development at development@bush.edu.

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Gifts in Action


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  • Donor Profile: Brandon Gillespie ’93 and Ashley Stansbury ’93

    Brandon Gillespie ’93 and Ashley Stansbury ’93 met as students at Bush in the 80’s. Today they are parents of three Blazers: Madden ’23, Ellody ’25, and Tya ’25. Below are reflections, in their own words, on the impact Bush has had on their lives and families for three generations, and the role of philanthropy in expressing their gratitude and commitment to the school’s future.

    “In the time we attended The Bush School, particularly in the later years, the school was still realizing its full identity. And, like many people in their high school years, we were also finding our way as individuals and shaping our views of what our future would hold. That created a dynamic relationship between us as young adults, and the school itself that was very special. It was a journey for everyone involved, including the school. And we all came out the other side better prepared to fulfill our full potential. Knowing that we had experienced such growth in our time at Bush inspired us to give back with the hope that others would benefit in a similar way.

    “Bush has been a part of our family’s community for three generations. For us, it is a very special place and it has so much to do with the people we are today. It has helped us to form long lasting relationships with peers and teachers, challenged us to take risks, inspired critical thinking, and encouraged us to do good things in the world. We give because we want others, including our three daughters, to benefit in the ways we have, as Brandon’s mother did before us, and maybe even as our grandchildren could in the future.

    “Since we were students at the school, we feel that Bush has done an amazing job of clarifying its mission, educational foundations, and beliefs around the importance of building a community that encourages exploration, values diversity, and pushes our children to develop into independent, engaged leaders. We hope that our future philanthropy will further these efforts through funding priorities such as the new Methow Campus, an expanded technology program, and increased diversity within the community. We love the benefits of experiential education and watching our children grow into well-rounded, confident, and capable individuals.”
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  • Recipient Profile: Kristin Gimelli Hemme

    At The Bush School, faculty who have taught at Bush for seven years or more are eligible to take a one-semester sabbatical, funded via the George W. Taylor Faculty Endowment Fund.

    The 2016–2017 George Taylor Sabbatical Grant recipient was Kristin Gimelli Hemme, Eighth Grade Science Teacher. Kristin has been at Bush for nineteen years as an active leader in the Middle School faculty, currently serving as Grade-Level Coordinator for the Eighth Grade.

    During Kristin’s sabbatical, she focused on developing new backpacking skills in order to lead Middle School wilderness and E-Week backpacking trips. She attended the Mountaineers Backpacking Basics Series and a Staying Found class. She learned about gear, how to manage weight, how to navigate using maps and a compass, and got to explore new areas of the Pacific Northwest. Kristin returned to Bush in the fall of 2017 prepared to lead backpacking trips and teach map and compass skills.

    For Kristin, the time was also valuable as a way to recharge and pursue personal interests. She explains, “It gave me a lot of time to be self-directed and accomplish things that I wanted to accomplish, both personally and professionally.” Kristin, who has led Organic Gardening E-lectives and E-weeks in the past, was able to dedicate time to her own garden, and to read about new research on how microbes interact in our gardens. She attended a three-day peace circle training class in May, learning to mediate soulful, intentional conversations. Kristin found that “stepping out and doing that class on sabbatical meant that I had a greater appreciation of it.”

    At Bush, teachers are encouraged to bring their whole selves to the classroom, and taking a sabbatical can provide time to pursue outside passions. As Kristin reflects, “It’s important because you have time to explore your own interests and creative pursuits that you can share that with students and bring back into the classroom.”

    None of these benefits would be possible without the generous donors who established and contribute to the fund. “Thank you,” Kristin says, “for providing the funding and for having the vision to see that something like this would be really helpful for teachers and really valuable for the school as a whole. This is something that is very needed.”
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Financial aid makes the best education affordable and accessible to all students

Financial aid opens the door of education to all students. The Bush School is committed to making the best independent school education affordable and accessible to talented students of all backgrounds, regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition. Donor investment in financial aid makes this vision of equity and inclusion possible.

2016–2017 Financial Aid at a Glance

    • Need-Based Financial Aid

    • Percent Students

    • Total Students

    • Award Range

    • Average Award

List of 2 items.

  • Financial Aid at Bush

    Our robust financial aid program brings the following to our community.
    • Builds a community that values diverse insights and perspectives
    • Provides access to life-changing opportunities
    • Benefits the world, as leaders of all backgrounds and talents graduate from The Bush School to make a difference in their communities
  • Supporting the Full Experience

    There are a number of items beyond tuition that are part of the cost of attendance at The Bush School. The school provides additional financial aid to support these important elements. Here are some examples for the 2016–2017 school year:
    • E-week Trips: Filmmaking in the Methow Valley, Video Game Design, Boat Building in Port Townsend, Rock Climbing at the City of Rocks, Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and more. Financial aid supports access to E-week trips for students to explore passions, take risks, and experience education.
    • Lower School Extended Day: Financial aid is available to help cover the cost of extended day for working families in the Lower School.
    • Laptops: Financial aid is available to Upper School students to purchase a laptop, providing all students with the technology and resources necessary to successfully navigate a twenty-first century education at Bush.
    • Textbooks: Middle and Upper School textbooks for the year cost between $300–500 per student. Bush provides financial aid for students in order to ensure that all students have the materials they need.

2016–2017 Tuition

$24,955 Lower School
$30,830 Middle School
$32,290 Upper School

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