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Middle School Media Festival

Media Festival

Welcome to the Middle School Media Festival. The Festival will take place on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from noon–2:30 at The Bush School. Entries are due on May 3rd (see details, below).

Bush is pleased to host the Middle School Media Festival, open to middle school students from all over the northwest region. Since 2011, the Festival has brought together middle school students as creative colleagues to support and celebrate each others' work at an annual screening and gallery in the spring.

During the school year, any individual or team of students can enter completed work for adjudication by a panel of qualified adults and upper school students. Media should be viewable online, and can be password protected. (Please contact us if this is unworkable for you.)

Entries might be part of a class assignment, an extracurricular activity, or simply media made for fun. Each entry needs to list an adult sponsor, often a teacher or parent. Most successful entries are short, usually less than 3 minutes.

Entries can be media creations of many kinds. These might include:
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Computer art
  • Self-advancing slideshows
  • Cloud-based creations
  • Animation
We will do our best to accommodate computer programs (such as Scratch creations or other coding), but this is not the main focus of the Festival.

The Festival offers a few different awards for participants:
  • Audience Awards and Honorable Mentions — from student votes
  • Teacher's Choice Award — from an attending (anonymous) teacher to a different school's entry
  • Judge's Choice Award — one that especially stood out to panel judges
Please see below for instructions on entering media. We look forward to seeing your work!
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Links to Enter the MS Media Festival

Entries for the 2019 Festival are now open: All entries need to be viewable online, as they'll be  adjudicated by off-site judges. If you use YouTube to upload private videos, please share them with msmediafest@gmail.com. (Please do NOT send emails to this account.)

Entries due on May 3rd. However, since some media curriculum isn't finished until the very end of the school year, we will reserve some time to insert exceptional entries up to the week before the Festival. Please contact us for more information about this exception.

Logistical questions can go to Julie Bryan. Programmatic questions can go to Ethan Delavan.

We look forward to your entries!

We are currently taking requests for Judging this year's entries to the Middle School Media Festival. We will provide links of the entries and a form you can fill in from your own computer. Please contact Julie Bryan (Julie.Bryan@bush.edu) with any questions or a desire to join the judging team.