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The Bush Middle School Presents: The Sewing Room Fables

Middle School Drama Teacher Joanne Keegan compiled fables from a number of countries and cultures into a narrative performed by Middle School student actors. Animal-costumed students and a cast of puppets joined together to share the morals of a broad variety of stories from countries such as France, Spain, and many others. The cast and crew performed The Sewing Room Fables for Lower School students and Middle School students. Join them for the closing night show tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Benaroya Theater!
The Sewing Room Fables by Joanne Keegan
Two tailors have come to court and have bewitched the Emperor with tales of magical clothes that only the very worthy and wonderful can see. These two charlatans have taken over the royal sewing room in order to create a magical suit for the upcoming People's parade. A parade where the Emperor will ride through the streets greeting his subjects.
Kicked out of the royal sewing room is Veda. Veda, the former royal seamstress is clever, patient and in the tradition of fables, also a rabbit. Veda and her young apprentices have been relegated to a glorified royal closet. While all might seem lost, our crafty, clever Rabbit has some tricks and stories up her sleeve. 
With The Emperor’s New Clothes as a frame work, The Sewing Room Fables is a puppet, animal and actor filled production exploring fables and lessons from around the world; and of course, clothes. . . lots of clothes.