Annual Report
Annual Report 2017-2018

Supporting Teachers to Greatness

Sally Maxwell, Academic Dean
The Bush School is based in progressive education, which means considering the whole child, learning by doing, and seeking deep understanding. We care about the whole child for their whole lives. In recent years, research in the field has brought us new understanding on why progressive education works. In order to deliver our contemporary version of progressive education, The Bush School commits significant resources to supporting teachers to greatness. 
One exciting way that Bush has committed to building great teachers is by creating the position of Academic Dean. As Academic Dean, I coach faculty, support K-12 curriculum articulation and change, and coordinate professional development. 
Here are a few examples of professional development from the past year:
  • A one-day workshop on Project-Based Learning techniques for all Upper School faculty (pictured, right).
  • Fourth Grade Teacher Cathy Hamblet attended Math in the City.
  • Two Middle School English teachers, Sarah Cohen and Laurie Mathews, attended the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN) Institute.
  • Middle School PE Teacher Tim Mitchell organized a yoga workshop for PE teachers, recognizing that PE is a changing field and reorienting their focus to wellness.