Annual Report
Annual Report 2017-2018

Volunteer Snapshot: Urs Koenig

Head of School Percy L. Abram shares his gratitude for Urs Koenig:

“As a volunteer and Middle School parent, Urs (Luc ’24) is a pleasure  to work with. His love for the school is present in his interactions with others; he is kind, thoughtful, and a caring, skillful communicator. Urs has spent much of his professional life helping others find their paths, so he’s an expert at identifying and amplifying people’s sense of purpose. Whether Urs is sharing his journey to becoming a United Nations Military Peacekeeper at  Upper School Career Day or agreeing to chair our largest parent education event, Parent University, in 2019, Urs always helps create incredible school experiences  that are well-organized, joyful, and beautiful.”