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  • Class of 2022 Experiential Independent Project

    On Friday, March 16, we gathered in the Community Room to celebrate the hard work and passion of the Eighth Grade. This week marked the culmination of six months of planning, research, engagement, and experiences that are the foundation of the Experiential Independent Project. At the EIP Expo in the Community Room, all Eighth Grade students shared their learning and experiences with the community.

    The EIP, as it is referred to, asks each Eighth Grade student to explore a specific passion or curiosity. Over the course of six months, students must decide on a topic, design a project around that topic, have the topic and project approved by the Eighth Grade team, and then conduct research, interview experts in the field they are learning about, and, finally, design an experience that explores their topic in depth. This week, as the EIP comes to an end, each student becomes the teacher, and presents to their peers and the community what they learned through the process.

    This is a challenging project for all Eighth Grade students. It pushes students to be creative, plan well, exercise time management, and ultimately be reflective about their learning experiences. In other words, it helps them prepare for life. Students are extremely proud of what they accomplish, despite the angst it causes through the process. We as a faculty and staff, especially the Eighth Grade team, are proud of them as well.

    —Jay Franklin, Middle School Director
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  • Winter Venue 2018

    The Venue showcases original works by the Music Department’s students for Winter term. This exciting production gives students the opportunity to present their final project for an audience. It’s new every term!
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  • Maker Night in the Library

    The Lower School Maker Night in the Library on Thursday, March 1, was a huge success. From creating toothbrush robots to building dinosaurs, students were able to explore, experiment, and play.
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