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  • Seventh Grade Global Studies Project Integrates Core Subjects and Service

    Michael Heald, Seventh Grade Science Teacher
    As homelessness increases in Seattle, we can see disparity in the streets, highways, parks and empty spaces. In response, the Seventh Grade class has been engaging with the issues of local hunger and poverty through service with multiple organizations in Seattle. Students participate in service four times a year, in small groups with organizations that connect services to those in need. We have partnered with Operation Sack Lunch, Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, Pike Place Food Bank, Westside Baby, Food Lifeline, and Immanuel Food Bank this year. Service is an important component of the Seventh Grade curriculum; students use this work to reflect on connections between the local and global citizenship, a key educational foundation at The Bush School.
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  • Thirteen Years at The Bush School

    Bush "Lifers" from the Class of 2018 celebrated their thirteen years—Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade (or First through Twelfth, for one honorary Lifer)—in this community with lunch, nostalgia, and spending time with the Kindergarten Class of 2030. The seniors told stories about their Kindergarten year, which was spent in classrooms all over Madison Park due to construction and other complications. They answered questions from the Kindergarten classes, hugged Janet Bisignano, who had many of the current seniors as Kindergarten students, read together, and got a special recess. 
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  • K-12 Arts Festival Brings Lanterns to Campus

    The K-12 Arts Festival on Friday, April 13, celebrated the role of the lantern in Chinese culture family groups. Family groups at Bush are gatherings of students and faculty from all divisions—Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, teachers, and non-teaching staff—created to build more K-12 relationships. The afternoon brought the community together to problem-solve, culminating in the creation of bright, joyful lanterns hung around campus.
    “Thank you for your spirit and presence you bring to these occasions, the students notice and learn something about humanity as a result.” —Jabali Stewart, Director of Intercultural Affairs
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