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  • Summer Camp Photo Roundup

    As summer camps draw to a close, we pulled together some highlights from the season. In order: The Ashland trip, Maker Space, College Essay Writing, Kindergarten Here We Come!, Jedi Lego Engineering, Karate, Smart with Art, and just hanging on the playground. These photos represent just a selection of the camps that were held at Bush this summer. 
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  • Creating Community to Create Theater

    Irene Sakson ’15
    Walk by the big, glass windows of the Benaroya Theater lobby (nicknamed “The Fishbowl” for this reason) at nearly any hour of the school day, and you will likely see students studying and socializing. Throughout the school year, students gather in the Fishbowl, whether or not a play is in production, and laughter can be heard around the clock as students work, play, and converse. The community that emerges from The Bush School Drama Department exists nearly independently of the show cycle, and is something that Upper School Drama Teacher and director Jeremy Bryan and his students put a great deal of thought into fostering. Jeremy notes, “I think just the act of putting on a show creates a community because we’re doing something very difficult and very rewarding as a group. Sometimes those people are your friends, sometimes they’re people you just met, but at the end of the show, you feel close to all of them.”
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  • Class of 1967 Celebrates Their Fiftieth Reunion!

    Thank you to all who attended!

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