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  • Bush is Challenging Success

    Attending Stanford's fall Challenge Success conference from Bush: Four teachers, our Upper School Director, our Academic Dean, one student, and one parent. Ray, Kristin, Zoe, Julie, Sally, Esther, Kelsey, and Christine learned research-based approaches to homework, schedules, advisory, and student support. Throughout this year, the faculty team will meet and draft plans to help our students balance school, extracurricular activities, family time, and rest. As Dr. John Kleinman explains, it’s like balancing on a surfboard - we always have to make continuous adjustments to bring balance to our students’ lives.
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  • Retreat Photos 2017

    Bridges have been built, bonds have been formed, and nature has been appreciated. Retreat photos are here!

    Click here for the Fifth Grade Retreat at Camp Orkila
    Click here for the Middle School retreats
    Click here for the Upper School retreats
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  • Convocation 2017

    Happy first day of school!This year, we'll focus on Purpose, exploring our common purpose, endeavoring to lead good lives, and recognizing our common humanity. As Head of School Percy L. Abram said at Convocation this morning, "At some point today, this week, or this month, find someone you don't know and introduce yourself. Ask them about their lives, connect with them, recognize and take time to think about how each of us are interrelated." Thank you to our incredible student speakers: Fifth Grade speaker Charlotte '25, Eighth Grade speaker Carmela '22 and Twelfth Grade speaker Renea '18.
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