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  • Second Annual Robotics Collaborative

    On May 16, The Bush School hosted four other area middle schools for the second annual Robotics Collaborative event. Held from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the interscholastic event convened thirty-six students around a challenge to solve problems at a nuclear power facility that included fuel transport, containment structure integrity, and employee safety. Three separate simulation tables accommodated two teams each and required different schools to work together to execute the challenges. 
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  • Rhys ’27 and Family Shave for the Brave

    The Goldman family is one of a small handful of families at The Bush School that have a child in every division: Rowan ’29 and Rhys ’27 in Lower School, Kailen ’24 in Middle School, and Doran ’19 in Upper School.
    They are also part of another special community of families in Seattle—of children, parents, siblings, and researchers working to cure childhood cancer. Before Rhys ’27 was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2015, the Goldman family knew nothing about the world of pediatric cancer. The more they learned, the more they felt compelled to act—to acknowledge those who created the treatments that Rhys received, to find less toxic treatments for the future, and ultimately to find cures for all pediatric cancers.  
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  • Etienne ’19 Works for Global Education Equality

    This week, Etienne Reche-Ley ’19 brought Lillian, a representative of Bridge International Academies, to schools around the Seattle area. This week, Etienne and Lillian gave presentations at Bush, Northwest, Valley, and Soundview about the importance of giving every child the opportunity to education regardless of where they live, with an emphasis on educating young girls. The presentation included starting a conversation about menstruation and how we can make sure girls don’t miss school because of their periods; a common occurrence amongst young women in communities Bridge serves. 
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