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Intercultural Affairs

The act of empathy

Diversity becomes an experience through intercultural affairs at The Bush School. As a community, Bush is intercultural by nature, helping students achieve the foundation of being local and global citizens.
Intercultural fluency promotes in students self-knowledge, character development, patience, and empathy. At Bush, students are challenged experientially in this regard as much as they are with any academic area.

A major goal of the intercultural affairs at Bush is to help foster understanding, attitudes, and skills required for developing intercultural fluency. The work takes place in the classrooms, experiential outings, various school clubs, retreats, events, one-on-one conversations, and many other modes of relating.
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Intercultural Immersion Programs

The Bush School’s Intercultural Immersion Programs are based on the belief that local and global citizenship, and intercultural fluency, are best learned experientially. Intercultural Immersion Programs help students develop the skills, confidence, and desire to engage with and participate in social, political, and cultural issues. While programs may occur within the borders of the United States or beyond, students in all of the programs will cross cultural boundaries. Students experience other cultures by forming relationships, living, studying, and working with a given local population. All programs are immersive, and some may include home stays, and/or language instruction. In addition all programs are structured around open-ended essential questions, providing curricular focus, and opportunities for critical thinking and action.

Intercultural Immersion Programs are designed to help cultivate self-awareness, leadership, humility, and the practice of being global citizens. This is done through immersing students in non-native contexts. Removing students from their native cultural context and placing them into a non-native environment initiates a more robust understanding of self.