• Race to Raise
Thank you for helping us make history in 2016. We achieved the highest level of parent participation in the Annual Fund and in the shortest amount of time! Our parents gave or pledged at 93% participation, and we raised more than $770,000 by the end of the Race to Raise challenge.

Race to Raise!

In 2015, parent/guardian participation in the Annual Fund reached an all-time high—enough to get Head of School Percy Abram, Lower School Director Elaine Aoki, and Middle School Director Jay Franklin to Take the Plunge into Lake Washington. In 2016, our fearless leaders were safe from the icy waters of the lake, but there was a new challenge on the horizon…

You gave by 11.10.16. They raced on 12.2.16.

The goal: Reach 100% parent/guardian participation in the Annual Fund.
The challenge: Faculty/staff champions race through an obstacle course in the Schuchart Gym on Friday, December 2

Champions from Lower School, Middle School, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grades have answered the call to Race to Raise! Show your Champion the love by giving your best gift to the Annual Fund, because they don’t run until you participate.

Parent Participation by Grade

    • Annual Fund Parent Participation

Division Specific Incentives

What happens when you reach 100%?

Lower School Movie Morning
Each grade in the Lower School that reaches 100% parent participation will be invited to a special Lower School Movie Morning at Majestic Bay Theatres on Saturday, December 3, to see the new Disney Pixar film Moana. 
Middle School Pizza Party & Movie Night
Each grade in the Middle School that reaches 100% parent participation will be invited to a special pizza party and movie night in the Community Room on Friday, December 9. This event will be chaperoned by faculty/staff. The first grade to reach 100% gets to pick the movie! 
Upper School 90% Challenge
Last year, the Upper School reached a record breaking 86% parent participation. This year, for each grade that reaches 90% participation, an anonymous donor will generously give an additional $2,500. That means we have $10,000 available to help fund college counseling, athletics, theater, teachers’ salaries, and so much more. We can do it — let’s rise to the challenge and reach 90%!