Etienne ’19 Works for Global Education Equality

This week, Etienne Reche-Ley ’19 brought Lillian, a representative of Bridge International Academies, to schools around the Seattle area. This week, Etienne and Lillian gave presentations at Bush, Northwest, Valley, and Soundview about the importance of giving every child the opportunity to education regardless of where they live, with an emphasis on educating young girls. The presentation included starting a conversation about menstruation and how we can make sure girls don’t miss school because of their periods; a common occurrence amongst young women in communities Bridge serves. 
Etienne discussed “kits” from @daysforgirls which she brought and later sent to Africa and distributed to 200 girls. Kits are reusable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products that ensure girls are able to stay in school and maintain their dignity. Days for Girls has reached 1 million girls, and Bridge has educated over 100,000 pupils. Bridge International is an organization that is dedicated to high quality education for a very low cost of $6/month for families. They have over 600 schools across Africa and in India that are all located in the poorest communities including slums and informal settlements. We will not stop until every child has the opportunity to education, and every girl is in school. #educationforall #thefutureisfemale