Rhys ’27 and Family Shave for the Brave

The Goldman family is one of a small handful of families at The Bush School that have a child in every division: Rowan ’29 and Rhys ’27 in Lower School, Kailen ’24 in Middle School, and Doran ’19 in Upper School.
They are also part of another special community of families in Seattle—of children, parents, siblings, and researchers working to cure childhood cancer. Before Rhys ’27 was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2015, the Goldman family knew nothing about the world of pediatric cancer. The more they learned, the more they felt compelled to act—to acknowledge those who created the treatments that Rhys received, to find less toxic treatments for the future, and ultimately to find cures for all pediatric cancers.  
Two of Rhys’s brothers, Kailen ’24 and Rowan ’29, shaved their heads when Rhys lost his hair a month into treatment. By shaving, “shavees” demonstrate solidarity with kids who lose their hair during treatment and raise awareness of pediatric cancer. When Seattle Children’s Hospital hosted the Shave for the Brave in 2016, the Goldman’s decided to go bald as a family to celebrate Rhys surviving a year of treatment. The year after, they created a team for Shave the Brave in celebration of Rhys’ eighth birthday. Thousands of Shave for the Brave head-shaving events are held each year all over the world. These events are made possible through volunteer efforts—and they are a lot of fun!
This year’s shave happens shortly before Rhys completes his treatment—all three-and-a-quarter years of it. To celebrate the occasion, Rhys’s mom Gloria volunteered to organize the Seattle Children’s Hospital event. Rhys’s dad, Oliver, secured space for the event with his employer (Adobe). And they are once again shaving their heads as a family. While this is a cause they will be involved in for many years to come, this year represents a real milestone for the Goldman family. Gloria has worked with a tireless team of volunteers to gather superheroes, princesses, and other costumed characters to come play games, serve ice cream and cheer on the shaves. There’s even a rumor of karaoke…
The Goldmans would love to have the Bush community join them this weekend, to cheer them on or even shave in solidarity. They hope some of Rhys’ classmates will be doing just that, and Kelly Forebaugh ’88, a Bush Seventh Grade parent and staff member at St. Baldrick’s Foundation, is also helping with the event.

Seattle Children’s Shave for the Brave
When: May 19, 2018 from 1 – 5 p.m.
Where: Adobe, 801 N 34St, Seattle WA 98103
How to get involved: If you want to shave your head or learn more about this event, contact Gloria Tzuang at gtzuang@gmail.com