• Board of Trustees

Families Association

The Bush School Families Association (FA) is an organization for and of all parents and guardians of students enrolled in the school. The FA is made up entirely of volunteers who promote a spirit of involvement and community between the school and its families by providing an opportunity to share and explore ideas along with supporting school events and activities. The FA serves as a key channel of communication from the school to parents/guardians and vice versa.

The FA is responsible for the following functions at The Bush School:
  • serving as a key channel of communication for parent concerns and suggestions to the Board of Trustees and the school administration regarding policies, programs, and operations of the school;
  • providing parents with information about the school: its philosophy, programs, methods, and operations;
  • providing parents with educational opportunities related to child development and parenting;
  • supporting the faculty and staff of the school in their efforts to create the best possible educational environment for students;
  • establishing and supporting programs that create an inclusive and welcoming climate in the school;
  • communicating to parents the actions and activities of the FA
  • managing its budget; and
  • supporting the fund-raising efforts of the school.