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Whether or not you graduated from The Bush School — if you attended even for just one year — you are a member of the Bush alumnae/i community and an invaluable part of the history and the future of the school. The Bush School Alumnae/i Office strives to keep alumnae/i engaged in the school community and connected to teachers, classmates, and friends.
Contact the Alumnae/i Office at alumni@bush.edu.

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  • Adina Meyer ’81 and Jeff Blair ’84: From Tykoe to Team Teaching

    “The Bush School started my teaching career. I’m driving down I-5 one afternoon in January, and I see Sis Pease, my US History teacher, driving next to me. She motions to me, and we get off at the next exit and end up having tea. She asks me what I’m doing, and that’s when I say I’m looking at getting into teaching. So she suggests that I get on the sub list at Bush, and I do.” —Jeff Blair
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  • Dee Dickinson ’45: Art, Education, and Jumping off the High Dive

    Dee is clear about the importance Bush has played in her life. “Everything I’ve done relates back to both the educational philosophy and all of the experiences I had at Bush. Especially Marjorie Livengood (beloved teacher, and the second Head of School at Bush), who was always putting me on the end of a high dive and saying ‘Jump!’ I’d look down and think, well if she thinks I can do it…”
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  • Michael Lawson Educatio: “To Bring Out”

    “I went to Bush for thirteen years on scholarship. When I look back, I think about how fortunate I was that there were folks generous enough to facilitate that opportunity for me. That is a huge driver in my commitment to making sure that meaningful experiences are available to folks in settings other than private schools.”
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  • Sarah Medwell ’99: Back to Your Roots

    When asked about teachers who made a difference in her life at Bush, Sarah came up with name after name. “One more, one more, one more” she said. “It’s a good thing that I have so many mentors from Bush!”
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  • The Wyatt Siblings: Megan ’96, Molly ’00, Andy ’04, and Jay ’04: Lifelong Learners and Explorers

    “We are all really inspired by each other's roles. We talk about that at length. I love hearing about Megan’s role in early childhood education and the work she’s doing and how Andy’s involved with this gym that provides a purpose or outlet for so many young adults.” —Jay Wyatt ‘04
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  • Dylan Young ’88

    “Bush was an overwhelmingly supportive and normal experience,” says Dylan Young ‘88. “This alone may seem a trite statement. However, I was a C7 quadriplegic back in the 1970s and ‘80s and people tell me having a normal experience was a remarkable thing. Kudos to Bush.”

    Dylan is living life. He has placed first or second at the national level in four different sports: wheelchair track, wheelchair rugby, masters rowing, and disabled sailing. “I was a founding employee of a company that went public on the NASDAQ, and today I am a personal trainer with a graphics design certificate,” says Dylan. “I serve my sailing club as an officer. I know how to cook. I am studying German, and I travel as much as I can.”

    “Certainly, I consider myself very fortunate,” says Dylan. “I think what I most assimilated from Bush is the virtue of having a well-balanced life. I can be focused, but I do not let any one thing dictate or define my life. I feel everything should be given a finite amount of time. I enjoy the creativity found in doing things well but efficiently. And hence I enjoy the down time this creates. This philosophy frees me up to consider my next move and tackle the next thing.

    “I did not expect all of these achievements. I believe it is a message of Bush to do many things and not focus solely on academics. I will often press on through mediocrity based on a feeling that I simply belong there. In answering these questions I have conjured a Bush motto: Every effort is worthy of some praise. Maybe this motto will be obtuse to many, but it reflects the memory of my Bush experience. The motto gives you the confidence to try new things and the positive vibes to carry on in good or bad experiences.”
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