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Whether or not you graduated from The Bush School — if you attended even for just one year — you are a member of the Bush alumnae/i community and an invaluable part of the history and the future of the school. The Bush School Alumnae/i Office strives to keep alumnae/i engaged in the school community and connected to teachers, classmates, and friends.
Contact the Alumnae/i Office at alumni@bush.edu.

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  • August ’93 and Sam ’96 Cole: Storytelling with Creative Confidence

    August Cole ’93 is writing techno-thrillers about the next world war. His brother, Sam ’96, is making films in New York City. “I’m constantly looking for inspiration,” August says. “When I feel inspiration and love,” Sam says, “I see beauty.” These two brothers are inspired to do the work they do because it’s not work when you love what you do.
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  • Corrie Duryee ’77: Deep Exploration of the Life of the Mind

    "The point of everything I do is beauty,” says writer, film director, and producer Corrie Duryee ’77. “For decades, while filming, I have called people to order on set by yelling ‘Alright. Let’s make some truth and beauty.’”
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  • Dennis Evans: Hooked on the Cosmos

    Former Bush art teacher Dennis Evans, who taught a generation of Bush art students and worked with many generations of Seattle artists, makes a difference everywhere he goes.
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  • Ian Andreen ’12: Absorbing All You Can

    You can find Ian Andreen ’12 on Facebook. You can find him on Instagram. Twitter, too. He’s on LinkedIn. You can retweet his tweets, heart his Instagram photos, and like his Facebook posts. He likes his life right now. He’s a production assistant and coordinator for the IndieFlix Group. “I find beauty in the film work I do,” he says, “because I love storytelling.”
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  • Adina Meyer ’81 and Jeff Blair ’84: From Tykoe to Team Teaching

    “The Bush School started my teaching career. I’m driving down I-5 one afternoon in January, and I see Sis Pease, my US History teacher, driving next to me. She motions to me, and we get off at the next exit and end up having tea. She asks me what I’m doing, and that’s when I say I’m looking at getting into teaching. So she suggests that I get on the sub list at Bush, and I do.” —Jeff Blair
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