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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The Bush School

At The Bush School, we strive for every member of our community to be seen, heard, and valued. As we move toward the ideals of equity and inclusion, we affirm that a broad range of experiences and viewpoints enhance learning and make our community stronger. We stand united against all acts of discrimination and injustice. By centering a multiplicity of voices, we constructively address tensions, heal hurt with intentional dialogue, and celebrate personal and collective joys. This work is the responsibility of every member of our community. 

We believe that the intellectual, emotional, social, and psychological development of our students happens most effectively in a community that embraces and values diversity, whether based on cultural and ethnic background, nationality, socioeconomic status,
gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion or creed, ability/disability, learning differences, age or generation, in addition to beliefs and values, and attitudes and opinions.

We believe that a community that welcomes, respects, and values different experiences, perspectives, and points of view establishes a platform for the development and exchange of new ideas, innovation, creativity, problem-solving, improved decision making and critical
thinking, as well as a more dynamic educational and life experience.

Bush Terms, Defined:
Intercultural Fluency: The ability to interact across cultural lines with ease and compassion.
Local and Global Citizenship: Understanding the many communities that each of us is a part of—our grade, school, family, neighborhood, city, country, and world—and seeking to play a positive role in each community.

Welcoming New Families
The school’s program for welcoming and orienting new families is intended to create broad support and inclusion for new families and students with an emphasis on historically underrepresented families and students. The orientation of new families leads to the development of meaningful relationships among current families, new families and key school personnel.

Curriculum and Program
Bush faculty nurture and teach intercultural fluency and local and global citizenship in age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate ways. Our curriculum is designed to enable our students to gain the the knowledge, skills, and compassion needed to interact productively with others, to understand one another, and to act with equity, justice, and compassion.

Professional Development
To ensure that our faculty and staff are equipped to effectively assist in furthering these principles, the school provides our faculty and staff with the necessary skills to succeed. The school enables faculty and staff to teach and model the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that allow people with different backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, and worldviews to work together and effectively serve all our students.
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Director of Intercultural Affairs Kimberlee Williams

Director of Intercultural Affairs Kimberlee Williams has extensive experience in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within independent schools and the nonprofit sector throughout the country. Her deep commitment to and experience with building inclusive communities includes leading a schoolwide diversity leadership team, working to recruit and retain faculty and students of color, organizing affinity groups, designing and implementing curriculum, mentoring students and serving as advisor for the Black and Latina Student Unions and Gay Straight Alliance, offering workshops to promote racial healing and understanding, advising school leadership, and supporting admissions and advancement initiatives.

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