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Technology & Media Literacy

Promoting information literacy

The Bush School's technology, library, and media literacy curriculum supports the mission and foundations of The Bush School by working closely with all students to support technical creativity, basic literacies, and information fluency.
The Marjorie Livengood Library is a resource for all students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The library contains more than 16,000 cataloged materials including books, periodicals, audiovisual media, and e-books. Students and teachers also leverage an array of advanced research databases to promote both content-area knowledge and fluency in research methods.

The Bush MakerSpace offers students interested in prototyping their ideas a resource for 3D printing, electrical engineering, and textile production. The MakerSpace cultivates student-initiated collaborations, and is often used in conjunction with independent projects in all divisions.

The Upper School Student Workroom offers a wide array of student support, including technical help, research consultation, academic counseling, and peer tutoring.

Each division features an engaging and carefully sequenced curriculum in technology and information literacy, ranging from typing exercises to design and coding. Students in Lower and Middle School utilize computers and tablets provided by the school. In Upper School, students are encouraged to bring their own laptops for day-to-day work, while the school provides specialized resources for advanced tasks such as media production, design, and scientific inquiry.