Alumni StoriesIan Andreen ’12

Absorbing All You Can

You can find Ian Andreen ’12 on Facebook. You can find him on Instagram. Twitter, too. He’s on LinkedIn. You can retweet his tweets, heart his Instagram photos, and like his Facebook posts. He likes his life right now. He’s a production assistant and coordinator for the IndieFlix Group. “I find beauty in the film work I do,” he says, “because I love storytelling.”

The story Ian wants to tell now is a documentary that just wrapped up called Like. He is the producer, director of photography, and editor for the movie, which explores the impact of social media on our lives. The movie delves into the effects of social media and technology on the brain, on our lives, and in our civilization and how to safely navigate it.
Ian is also at work on a film called The Bully Factor. It’s a documentary, slated for release soon, about individual acts of courage and the impact of peer power to eradicate bullying. The film highlights new laws and programs that have already proven effective in reducing bullying in all its forms.

It wasn’t long ago when Ian was still walking the school hallways of Bush. Whether it was taking classes from his favorite teacher, Esther Reiquam, or getting called out by Don Hillard, the security officer, for parking where he shouldn’t have, Ian has nothing but fond memories of his schooling. “Bush taught me that sometimes the best education isn’t in books, but in embracing the environment around you and absorbing all you can.” He continues, “Bush was a place that helped foster healthy relationships with teachers, friends, and most importantly, myself, because I had the freedom to pursue what interested me. I had the freedom to follow my passions.”

Those passions led him from Bush to Whitman College, where he graduated in 2016. From there he did production work on commercials for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Alaska Airlines. He’s been with IndieFlix since February 2017. “Every day I celebrate beauty. Whether it’s stringing together multiple shots and interviews to form a cohesive story; to the actual color grading of a single shot to incite some emotion.”

The emotions Ian’s been currently feeling are good ones. He is excited about his burgeoning film career. For that, there’s plenty to like. 
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