The Arts

Who's Your Hero?

Who’s your hero? This school year, Fifth Grade students have been thinking about what makes a hero. Students created portraits and wrote pieces about their heroes.

After choosing their hero, students collected photos depicting their personal hero. For some students, this meant going through historical family photos up to four generations back. For others, this meant honoring a classmate for their generosity and kindness.

This project was a truly interdisciplinary effort. Head of School Percy L. Abram, Lower School Director Pri Alahendra, and Middle School Counselor Gayle Gingold visited the Fifth Grade to share about their personal heroes. Lower School Art Teacher Li-Ting Hung led students through the complex work of translating a photo into a painting while Fifth Grade Teachers Mike Jackson and Rosemary Wheeler worked with students to create an essay about their hero. Lower School Tech Teacher Jeffrey Adjei is currently creating videos with students combining audio recordings of the essays and images of the portraits.

Last Friday, they sent their work to New York as part of the Heroes Elevate Empathy Project to be displayed alongside students’ work from schools all around the world.

One of the participating schools is Siddhartha School in Ladakh, India. Middle School faculty Laurie Mathews and Ben Wheeler have been building connections between The Bush School and Siddhartha School, including a visit by Siddhartha's founder and head Khen Rinpoche last school year. This spring, Middle School students are planning to travel to Ladakh during E-Week.