Faculty and Staff Appreciation

We appreciate Leah, Leslie, Mertixell, Sandy, Hassan, Helen, Cecily, Morgan, Reshma, Jeffery, Mohammed, Raleigh, Will,  Shawna, Brian, Mark, Robin, and all of the Bush faculty and staff. At this week’s All Staff Meeting, we paused to appreciate each other by sharing the things we value about working with each other. Be sure to stop by the Community Room to read the “I appreciate….” cards written by faculty and staff to each other. 
Here are just a few of the people we appreciate and why:
  • I appreciate….Kelly Wall because she is generous, funny, and always willing to laugh.
  • I appreciate….Quierra Wayman for always being genuine.
  • I appreciate….Zack Smith for coming to the rescue every day! Your friendly attitude makes it a pleasure to call for “help”
  • I appreciate…Sara Fischer for pouring her heart into the new junior internship program (and crushing it).
  • I appreciate…Stephanie Riker for your impeccable work ethic, your kind demeanor, and your spirit of collegiality.
  • I appreciate…Sharon Hurt for making giving personal and inspiring.