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Clare K. ’26: Share the Love

Mary Albl, Communications Manager

During the Spring of 2021, a time when The Bush School operated between in-person and hybrid learning models due to the global pandemic, Bush community members participated in “Share the Love”, an event spearheaded by Bush parents/guardians who wanted to show their gratitude and appreciation for the school’s efforts and support during a challenging academic year. 

While the “Share the Love” event brought in more than $25,000 in funds, the heart of the event was the written notes of gratitude submitted to the Bush faculty and staff. For Clare K. ’26, who took the time to write thirteen messages, this was an opportunity to express her gratitude for the support she received navigating uncharted learning territories. Clare spent a majority of the 2020-2021 academic year online, but was able to safely come back to in-person learning during the spring.

“While I couldn't meet my teachers and know them as if it was a normal year, both of us tried our best to make it seem like a normal year even though it wasn't,” she said. “My teachers altered their curriculum and made the impossible in a way possible.” 

In total, 186 notes were submitted. The funds raised went to gifts and treats for faculty and staff. Clare said a unique aspect of learning last year was the way the Bush community stayed connected despite the physical distance.

“The letters expressed our many different connections to the people keeping the school functioning,” she said. “From teachers, to coaches, to parents, to family and friends, all of us are connected. We got to know each other in different ways. Being connected to our teachers even during remote school was very unique.”

Clare, who submitted the most notes of any individual, said one of her hopes in doing an event like “Share the Love” was to raise awareness of the big and little things Bush community members do to help make the school such a unique and welcoming environment - virtually and in-person.  

“Our teachers do so much for us all, teaching us subjects, coaching us in sports, encouraging us to do math competitions and more,” Clare said. “I feel grateful for my teachers, the faculty and staff who work very hard and my parents, who pay for my education. I felt that the people who helped me learn and help at The Bush School deserve a note of gratitude.” 
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