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Bush Club Spotlight: Amnesty International

Part of the unique and diverse culture of Bush is the myriad of opportunities for students. The Bush Upper School club program is one example with over fifty different clubs for students to take part in. This academic year, we are highlighting some of those clubs and the members.
Club Leaders: Anjali B. '23, Zadie B. '24, and Alexandra L. '25. 
How did this club form?
Amnesty Leaders: We took over leadership from last year club leaders Louise P. '22, and Lael B. '22.  
What’s a typical club meeting like? 
Amnesty Leaders: We research, discuss, and make informational posters to hang around the school on issues Amnesty is trying to raise awareness about. We have about ten members that come to our monthly meetings, but the whole Upper School will participate when we host educational or letter-writing campaigns for the upper school.

Why is it important for young adults to have a voice in human rights issues and world-wide issues going on currently? 
Amnesty Leaders: The youth of today will have to live in a future shaped by the present so it is imperative that young adults have the opportunity to change the world for the better.
The holidays focus a lot on gratitude and giving back. What are the ways community members can show their support and become involved with Amnesty International?
Amnesty Leaders: There are a lot of amazing resources on Amnesty’s website relaying how Amnesty is taking action on situations where human rights are being challenged. Although it might seem like you’re not making a difference, you are. 

Any events or projects this club is currently involved with? 
Amnesty International: We’re hoping to plan a writing letter campaign.
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