• Athletics at Bush

Athletics at Bush

Learning and growth for all athletes

The Bush athletic program provides opportunities for continued physical, social, and personal development in a challenging, supportive, and fun environment.
Athletics plays an essential role in The Bush School community, whether students are active participants or general supporters of the program. Dedicated coaches, most of whom are faculty members, make the athletic experience a time of learning and growth for all athletes. The coaching staff emphasizes fundamental technical, tactical, and emotional skills needed to succeed in interscholastic play while reinforcing positive values and social competencies such as sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, time-management, and ethical judgment. Participants are able to apply the outcome of these invaluable life lessons on and off the playing fields; during their time at Bush and beyond.

Bush Athletics includes opportunities for students in grades one through twelve. Approximately 70 percent of students in these grade levels participate in the athletic program. Bush follows a no-cut philosophy, which allows any student who demonstrates interest and shows commitment to be placed on a team. Athletes at The Bush School are asked to work hard, to be committed to their teams, and most importantly to have fun.

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  • Core Beliefs

    Blazers coaches, athletes and parents/guardians and supporters…
    • Support the mission of The Bush School.
    • Believe that academic and athletic accomplishments can and should co-exist within an educational setting.
    • Believe that it is crucial for students of all ages to become and remain physically active on a regular basis.
    • Realize that athletic participation provides opportunities to learn both sport skills and character traits.
    • Set high expectations for student-athletes regarding commitment, persistence, and responsibility.
    • Understand that discipline, respect, and accountability are essential elements of success.
    • Provide a safe, trusting learning environment for student-athletes to experience growth, development, and success, regardless of the score or standings.
    • Understand that family involvement directly relates to the quality with which students experience sports.
    • Prioritize sportsmanship and the positive representation of The Bush School at all times.
  • Bush Booster Club

    The purpose of the Bush Booster Club is to support Bush Athletics through raising awareness for Bush student athletes in grades K-12. In supporting Bush Athletics, the Bush Booster Club will focus on the following areas:
    • Enhancing school spirit through promoting athletic events and encouraging participation in Bush athletics; and
    • Strengthening relationships among students, coaching and teaching staff, parents, and the broader Bush community.
    The Bush Booster Club works to achieve its aims through promoting awareness of upcoming games and athletic events, recognizing achievements of its teams and individual athletes, and raising funds through concessions and other means.

    All parents and guardians are invited to participate in Bush Booster Club activities. Each year, Bush's athletic program fields more than 35 teams across 11 sports, with approximately 70% of Upper School and Middle School students participating.

    Volunteers are needed in many capacities from photographers to concessions help and end of season/year celebration planning. 
Lower School athletics teaches students basic skills while emphasizing teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, and the joys of athletic participation and being part of a team.

Lower School teams generally practice two to three times a week and compete in contests coordinated by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
Fall Sports
Cross Country (first through fifth grade)
Winter Sports
Basketball (fifth grade)
Spring Sports
Track and Field (grades four and five)
Middle School athletics teach fundamental technical, tactical, and emotional skills, which students can apply throughout their athletic career at The Bush School. Coaches are focused on providing a challenging, supportive, and fun environment. The targeted outcomes are students who are well equipped to succeed at the junior varsity and varsity levels, and who have developed a love for sports and physical activity, which will last beyond their years at The Bush School.

Middle School teams generally practice two to three times a week and compete once or twice a week. The Bush School is a member of the CrossTown Middle School League. The league does not keep track of scores or standings. Its main focus is providing “healthy and fun activity through competition, good fellowship and sportsmanship”.
Fall Sports
Co-ed Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Girls Volleyball
Winter Sports
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketbal
Spring Sports
Co-ed Golf
Co-ed Track and Field
Co-ed Ultimate
Upper School athletics develop young adults physically, emotionally, socially, and ethically. Upper School teams strive to be competitive with the top athletic teams in the league. More importantly, Upper School athletic participation provides student-athletes with exceptional opportunities to reach new heights, overcome adversity, experience moments of glory and tough losses, and learn to be a good teammate, which are important steps in the students’ character education. Upper School students and coaches are expected to embody the school’s philosophy — trying your best and exhibiting good sportsmanship supersedes winning at all cost.

The no-cut philosophy is continued in the Upper School program. Students who are interested in playing a sport and who are willing to make a commitment to their team will have the opportunity to participate. During the tryout period, students are encouraged to show their coaches that they are dedicated to the program’s philosophy and expectations, and that they will make their best effort to be a contributing team member. Tryouts serve as a platform for athletes to show coaches where they can perform best in terms of a team, position and/or role.

Upper School teams generally practice five days a week and compete two to three times per week. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) governs most upper school sports (exceptions: Cross Country Skiing, Ultimate, and Girls Bowling). The Bush School is a member of the Emerald City League (ECL) and opts to compete at the 1A level (by enrollment, the school is classified as a 2B school). The ECL “builds values through competitive team athletic experiences which prepare our students for life well beyond high school”.
Fall Sports
Co-ed Cross Country
Boys Golf
Girls Soccer
Boys Tennis
Girls Volleyball
Boys Ultimate
Winter Sports
Co-ed Cross Country Skiing
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Girls Bowling
Spring Sports
Girls Golf
Boys Soccer
Girls Tennis
Co-ed Track and Field
Girls Ultimate

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