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Experience Education

Upper School

Charting a path toward a life of purpose

Independent thinking and intellectual engagement 
In Bush’s Upper School, students are called upon to ask questions, test out big ideas, make mistakes, seek out mentors, and create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Students develop skills as independent thinkers and collaborative learners through a combination of high academic expectations and signature experiential programming. The Upper School prepares students exceptionally well for college and for life, inspiring involved, active citizens who want to make a difference in the world.

Connect to communities 
At Bush, students are asked to participate actively in learning, communities, and the world because we believe deep learning takes place inside and outside the classroom. Students are called upon to conside the greater good and learn about themselves in relation to others. They take risks, have real responsibility, and engage in service learning. These experiences are powerful tools for developing values, building confidence, and charting a path toward a life of purpose.

Upper School faculty are collaborative, innovative, and balanced
The best learning results from genuine connections between faculty and students. Through these critical relationships, students learn the art of collaborative work, independent research, advocacy, and authentic leadership. Faculty are encouraged to bring their full selves to the job, teaching their passions inside and outside of the classroom to create a program that is balanced and academically fulfilling.