Annual Report
Annual Report 2017-2018

Volunteer Snapshot: Kevin and Julia Baker

Lower School Director Pri Alahendra shares her gratitude for Kevin and Julia Baker:

“Kevin and Julia Baker (Ben ’28, Will ’30) are true partners in their children’s journey here at The Bush School. They listen, ask questions, and partner with us around ways to support their children and their family with an open heart and an open mind. They attend parent education events, help in admissions, serve as grade-level reps and on the Board of Trustees, and much more. They are a positive, kind and warm presence in Lower School. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and Julia my first year here at Bush as they were Kindergarten parents in the classroom as I taught their child Ben. We were all new to Bush together and yet I felt that they welcomed me, as they were always supportive and thoughtful in their interactions. Kevin’s and Julia’s unfailing ability to follow up any meeting or interaction with a sincere note of appreciation is so incredible! They always take the time to show gratitude, which brings home that sense of love and belonging we work towards in Lower School.”