Annual Report
Annual Report 2017-2018

Community Partnership: Making a Difference

Polly Fredlund, Director of Enrollment Management and Communications
"For nearly two decades, The Bush School has provided access to life-changing, college prep educational opportunities to dozens of Rainier Scholars students, and our students have, in turn, helped to make Bush a more diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment for all. The impact of this paartnership on the lives of students across the school is felt deeply, and we are grateful for the commitment of so many who make this possible. An investment in financial aid to make a Bush education accessible to all is an investment in the future leadership of this community and region, as all students become more equipped to navigate the ever-more diverse society of the twenty-first century.” ­— Sarah Smith, Executive Director of Rainier Scholars 
The Bush School has had a meaningful partnership with Rainier Scholars hosting the summer academic enrichment program on our campus for twelve years, in addition to enrolling over forty Rainier Scholars as Bush students over the past two decades. Through this community partnership, there is a generation of Bush alumni who are empowered to make the world a better place.
Financial aid has the power to change the trajectory of a student’s life. We also know that the talent, passion, and purpose of these students has impacted the trajectory of The Bush School, and we are a stronger school community because of their contributions.

Our alumni identify financial aid as the number one area of interest for giving. The Bush School is committed to making the best independent school education affordable and accessible to talented students of all backgrounds, regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition. At The Bush School, we believe in creating pathways to access, and deeply appreciate the contributions of our Bush community to financial aid that allow us to live our mission fully.   
Note: To support financial aid in perpetuity, visit and select the designation: “Endowment - Financial Aid Fund”.