Seventh Grade Global Studies Project

The Seventh Grade Global Studies Project, which challenged students to think about the concepts of “self and otherness”, “us versus them”, and other barriers to belonging, was an interdisciplinary unit integrated throughout the English, history, and science classes. The project began with a visit to the Wing Luke Museum in February. During the field trip, students learned more about stereotypes as well as how to promote action in their own communities. They were particularly inspired by Vishavjit Sigh’s “Wham, Bam, Pow” exhibit.

Throughout the project, Seventh Grade students studied the phenomenon of global migration and immigration. In English class, students learned about the life of a refugee and what it is like to integrate into American society. In science, students researched and manipulated data to create a visual representation of what they learned through an infographic and website. Students continued to apply research skills in history class through an inquiry-based project, which resulted in a written analysis.

A key feature of this engaging project was using StoryCorps to master the art of the interview and learn about a story of immigration. This face-to-face interaction inspired students to dive deeper into their own questions. To conclude the Global Studies Project, student participated in a festival to share projects, earn awards, and feast on delicious treats from around the world. To see photographs from this festival, click here.