Convocation 2019

Welcome to the start of the 2019-2020 school year; Bush’s ninety-sixth year opening our doors to teachers, families, and students.
We started the year together at Convocation, a Bush tradition and an all-inclusive opening of school event for over forty-five years. Head of School Les Larson established Convocation in 1972, and ever since, we have gathered as a K-12 community—all students, parents, faculty, and staff—once a year on the first day of school to set the tone for the year.
This year we heard from Board President Karen Solimano, Families Association President Christina Brinker, Head of School Percy L. Abram, Anna K. ’27,  Hedia H-L. ’24, and Jensen N. ’20. Our speakers spoke on this year's theme of Imagine. As part of his remarks, Dr. Abram reflected, "We when we look out, we want to see your wings waving proudly, that you are flying your own course, and singing a loud, beautiful song that is all your own. For what a shame it would be for you to leave this place with your song still inside you."   
We look forward to imagining all that is possible with you in the year ahead! To see photographs from this event, click here.