Annual Report
Annual Report 2018-2019

Giving the sparks CREATIVITY

Read how giving can spark creativity with a story from Jeremy Bryan, Upper School Drama Teacher and Performing Arts Department Chair.
Jeremy Bryan
Upper School Drama Teacher and Performing Arts Department Chair

"Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in set design. Thanks to a directed gift to the Theater department, students now have access to incredible technological resources that allow them to create, design, and innovate. These new resources include a high-powered digital projector, 3D printer, and additional wireless communicators.

We purchased a high-powered digital projector that allows students to create whole new worlds on the stage by adding visual effects, texture, environments, and an endless variety of creative visual choices. We also integrated a new 3D printer into our design program. In addition to these creative tools, we were able to expand our backstage communication system so that we can better support the technical aspects of theater production through additional wireless communicators.

This gift has had an incredible impact on our work and the students’ experience.”