Annual Report
Annual Report 2018-2019

Giving that sparks CURIOSITY

Read how giving can spark curiosity with a story from Yaqi Bick, Middle School Mandarin Teacher
Yaqi Bick
Middle School Mandarin Teacher

"This year and for the first time, Bush Sixth Grade students have the option to study Mandarin as part of the World Language Program. We launched the Mandarin program in the Upper School seven years ago, and as educators we know that starting a world language earlier—especially Mandarin—is very beneficial. It is exciting to be designing this curriculum for the first group of Bush Middle School Mandarin students.

Language is a powerful bridge for connecting with other cultures. Middle School students can now reach beyond their communities in the United States through the study of Mandarin. This course is designed to spark students’ curiosity, and allow them to develop an appreciation for a new culture. As a teacher, I have seen language study open endless opportunities. Students may be more inclined to talk to someone from another country or travel to a far away place. They develop a greater sense of the world, and begin to look at issues through a global perspective. Over the course of three years, Bush Middle School students will build their proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. This expansion of the Middle School World Language Program to include Mandarin was possible because of a directed gift. I am appreciative of the donors' generosity, and honored to get to begin this program. I am eager for new books, as well as cultural field trips, so that students can also build meaningful connections with our local Chinese communities. I know that starting Mandarin in Middle School will make a significant difference in the lives of our students."