Annual Report
Annual Report 2019-2020

Connecting to Place and Community

Under the leadership of Campaign Co-Chairs Mike Galgon and Allison Harr, Bush’s Connecting to Place capital campaign raised $16.7 million to support the construction of a new 22,000 square foot building on the Upper School campus.
Allison has been a champion of this project as a space to build community at Bush and in the greater Seattle area. She shared, “The New Upper School Building has been designed to support the discourse and educational exploration that is at the heart of the Bush experience. Our students will have more spaces to engage with each other, teachers,and the outside community. The new multipurpose room will be used for seminar- style learning, and the student life center will provide a place for student-led clubs and organizations to meet and plan their activities.”                    

The financial and volunteer support of this project demonstrates The Bush School’s commitment to our values of sustainability and community. The new building will be one of the first Passive House buildings on the West Coast, and the space is also designed to ensure that runoff from the building does not harm the ecosystem needed for salmon to thrive.                    

Mike connected the sustainability of the building to the legacy of the school, sharing “The New Upper School Building will complete The Bush School’s vision for the Upper School campus. The larger and more modern classrooms will immediately transform the experiences of students and teachers, but the project will also have a lasting impact on the school’s legacy as we begin to look beyond our community’s first 100 years.”
More square footage in the building will also allow us to hold larger events not just for Bush, but for our surrounding community. The increase in space will also allow more students to access a Bush education. The continued support of the campaign, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, have affirmed our school’s core values of collaboration and trust grounded in the power of place and community.