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Bush Club Spotlight: Aegis Living (Senior Assisted Living and Memory Care)

Part of the unique and diverse culture of Bush is the myriad of opportunities for students. The Bush Upper School club program is one example with over fifty different clubs for students to take part in. This academic year, we are highlighting some of those clubs and the members.

Club Leaders:
Lane S. '23 and Paige O. '25 
How did this club form?
Aegis Leaders: I think the club was founded about seven or eight years ago and its purpose is to connect with the surrounding Bush community.
What’s a typical club meeting like? 
Aegis Leaders: Every Tuesday, we drive up the street together to Aegis Living where we split off into partners with some of the residents. We complete a brain exercise sheet provided by UW Medicine and on it are a variety of different exercises such as writing prompts, math practice, and reading. there's about four-to-six of us that go each time.
Why should students become involved in your club?
Aegis Leaders: It's a great way to connect with people who are a part of your community, that you may not otherwise get to know. I've learned a lot through talking with some of the residents and it's always interesting to hear about people's lives who grew up in a different time and/or place.

Why is it important for young adults to interact and make an impact with the community and people of Aegis Living?
Aegis Leaders: Something I think about is how if I was a resident at Aegis, my life could fall into the same pattern/routine every day, and having young adults come visit me would feel refreshing and maybe rejuvenating in some ways. 
What impact does this club hope to have on Bush and beyond?
Aegis Leaders: As a club, we hope to help the residents at Aegis keep up their mental fitness through the brain exercise packets and also to keep the club going so that future upper school students will want to join.
The month of February, the Bush community made Valentines cards for many of our service partners, including Aegis Living. Why is it important to do something like this and what impact does it have on the Aegis community? 
Aegis Leaders: Something like this is important because it spreads a lot of love and positivity to the residents who may not be around their loved ones during this time.
What’s been a highlight for this club from getting to know and helping out at Aegis Living?
Aegis Leaders: It's a little broad, but my favorite thing about going is getting to know the residents better each week. Many of them are fun to talk to and they all have a lot of wisdom to share, so I appreciate getting to hear their knowledge through conversation.
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