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Dine, Engage, Learn & Connect

The Bush School Food Service Department offers nutritious, quality, and affordable meals that reflect the school’s diversity of culture, style and tastes. The Commons is a healthy community hub: a welcoming environment where all can dine, engage, learn, and connect with one another.

Food Service Values

Quality Food: Use the highest quality food affordable (organic when possible) while maintaining a high level of attention to flavor, appearance and temperature.

Nutrition: Provide and promote healthy and balanced diets for the school community at large.

Menus: Develop appealing and diverse menus that reflect The Bush School's diverse community and enhance the quality of the student's educational experience.

Special Dietary Needs: Maintain a commitment to the awareness of special dietary needs and allergens. Strive to provide meals and options that serve these needs.

Education: Provide opportunities to learn for all, whether a student, faculty member, staff member, parent, trustee or visitor. Use a variety of methods to provide education about nutrition, ingredients, cuisines, culture, cooking techniques, safety and sanitation.

Service: Provide prompt, courteous and efficient service.

Safety: Ensure and maintain a safe work environment while providing ongoing staff education.

Sanitation: Use proper cooking, cooling and handling techniques in all food preparation. Adhere to health department regulations and recommendations.

Financial Responsibility: Use and promote efficient and cost-effective management practices while continuously looking for new ways to improve the food and nutrition program.

Communication: Keep open lines of communication with the school community to solicit constructive input. Provide food service staff the opportunity to share ideas and values which allow staff members to succeed, to be treated with respect and to be recognized for their efforts.