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Boys Varsity Tennis - Season Recap

This year’s Blazer Tennis Team was a great group who worked hard, significantly improved, competed to the last shot, and in general had a lot of fun.  
Our program is privileged to have access to both indoor and outdoor courts, and the players took full advantage of the 2-hour practices with focus and drive. The hard work paid off, and the Blazers ended up with three wins and a 5th place conference standing (out of 7), a dramatic improvement over last year’s winless season. The squad showed real dedication only defaulting two matches out of 66 due to sickness or injury.
"I think that the wins reflected a belief in themselves that they could compete.  Win or lose, they came off the court with a feeling that they gave it their all and it was something they could be proud of.  The league we play in is the toughest in the state, and the number of wins does not tell the whole story. Many of our opponents were seasoned veterans that play at a much higher level than ours, but despite that, Bush consistently pushed them to long points, hard fought games, and tie breakers.  The Bush team played with competitive spirit and sportsmanlike conduct, and earned the respect of every team we played" Coach Ian Sweet said of his team. 
Elliot, Ilya and James are the team's seniors, who will be greatly missed moving forward. Looking to next season, Coach Sweet hopes to see an increase in participation next season, especially by freshmen. "The team will have spots open to letter and play varsity all four years, a great opportunity for an aspiring athlete to develop."