Young Alumni Brunch

Young alums from the classes of 2016 and 2017 came back to campus on Friday, January 5 to share wisdom and humor about college with the senior class. 

In the group photo:

Top Row: Alexi Christakis (Bush 2016, Yale University), Mo Fries (Bush 2016, Lewis and Clark College), Max Melendez (Bush 2016, Seattle University), Cameron Fraser (Bush 2017, Whitman College), Genevieve Dwight (Bush 2017, Tufts University), Kate Shuhart (Bush 2017, NYU), Marcelle Saulnier (Bush 2017, University of Southern California), Ally Rogers (Bush 2017, Grinnell College)
Bottom Row: Katie deCourcy (Bush 2017, Connecticut College), Dani Schulman (Bush 2016, Yale University), Jackson Hirsh (Bush 2016, NYU Tisch), Sophie Kaplan (Bush 2017, Northeastern University), Zoe Hardwick (Bush 2017, Smith College), Tenzin Crowley (Bush 2017, Dickinson College)