Upper School Retreats

On September 5, the Upper School embarked on their annual back-to-school retreats. Ninth Grade students participated in a wonderful trip to The Seabeck Conference Center. The retreat focused on building a learning community to sustain the students’ transition into high school. The Tenth Grade explored their sense of self and of community. Through personal and group challenges, community service, and reflection, students considered who they are as individuals and as a class, and how they can positively impact each other and the greater Seattle community. This year’s Eleventh Grade retreat included a college visit to The Evergreen State College and then a trip to The Naturebridge Retreat Center. The Twelfth Grade spent three days and two nights in the North Cascades at our new Methow Campus. Their activities were designed to stimulate reflection about their roles as student leaders and stewards of The Bush School. You can look through the photo album to see pictures of their adventures!