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Talking to Children About Race with Aisha Hauser

Participants will engage in discussions about how their identities shaped how they understand racial dynamics in the United States. The format will invite people to come to an understanding that each of us comes with a set of experiences that is shaped by our identity and how we are treated by society. Resources and tools will be offered to begin talking about race in an authentic way.
Aisha Hauser is an accomplished educator, curriculum developer, facilitator, author and anti-racism advocate. She has lived in Seattle since 2013 and has offered workshops all over the country and several in the northwest including, Jefferson Community Center in Beacon Hill, Shoreline City Hall, Shoreline Community College, at the Diversity and Inclusion Conference in Salem, OR and the Race and Pedagogy Conference in Tacoma, WA. Aisha worked with educators from all over the country to curate resources for an open source website for all to utilize in learning about how we are all affected by racism. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Hunter College in New York City.