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The Birds & Bees — Talking about Consent at Every Age with Amy Lang

Thanks to some very brave people, we are now entering what I hope is the Age of Consent. As parents, it is very important and surprisingly easy to teach kids about consent from birth to the teen years. Parents are the best people to set the expectation that people need to ask for consent before they touch, hug or kiss your child. You’ll learn how to weave consent lessons into your parenting in ways that don’t freak you or your kid out.
A sexual health educator for over 20 years, Amy Lang, MA, helps parents of all beliefs talk with kids of any age about the birds and the bees. She also works with youth serving organizations and provides childhood sexuality and sexual abuse prevention training. Amy’s lively, engaging and down-to-earth style makes these uncomfortable topics easier to handle. Her clients include the US Air Force Youth and Family Services, Boys and Girls Clubs and more schools than she can remember. Amy’s talks, books, online resource center and podcast helps parents learn how to talk to their kids about this important and uncomfortable part of life. Amy is still married to her first husband and they are getting the hang of parenting their teenage son. She lives in Seattle, WA. You can learn more about Amy and her work at BirdsAndBeesAndKids.com.