• Leadership

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a volunteer governing body with four principal responsibilities:
  • Organizing and managing itself so as to fulfill its duties to the school.
  • Planning, developing, and establishing policy and assessing the school's performance.
  • The school's financial condition and physical plant.
  • Selecting the head of school and working cooperatively with that person.
    • Board of Trustees

Board Members

  • Justin Moon ’91, President
  • Karen Marcotte Solimano, Vice President
  • Eric Fahlman, Treasurer
  • Maggie Finch, Secretary
  • Kevin Baker
  • Atul Bali
  • Stephen Caplow
  • Lisa Carroll
  • Chris Chickadel ’93
  • Sergio Chin-Ley
  • Beth Clark
  • Mike Galgon
  • Alden Garrett ’73
  • Brandon Gillespie ’93
  • C’Ardiss Gleser
  • Becky Guzak
  • Patricia ‘Patti’ Hearn
  • Chris Jones
  • Daniel Pak
  • Artemios ‘Tim’ Panos
  • Barbra Richardson
  • Steve Rosen ’84
  • Ian Sands
  • Peggy Skinner
  • Curtis Vredenburg Rix
  • Mary “Sis” Pease ’41, Life Trustee
  • Percy L. Abram, Ph.D., Head of School
  • Sally Brunsman, Families Association Co-President
  • Adrianne Keffeler, Families Association Co-President

The Board of Trustees meets at 4 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month in the Community Room. Meetings are open to the community.