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Lower School

To know and to be known

Bush’s Lower School engages students in building a foundation for confident, joyful lifelong learning. The Lower School nurtures and directs the innate curiosity of children by involving each student in an environment of inquisitiveness and connectedness.
Students in the Lower School delve into a highly personalized, inquiry-based program under the tutelage of talented teachers who honor and cherish childhood. With contagious passion and meaningful incorporation of play into each lesson, Bush's Lower School faculty cultivate in each student a passion for discovery that carries them through their entire lives.

Social, emotional, and academic growth is fostered through a curriculum that encourages critical and creative thinking, ethical judgment and action, intercultural fluency, and local and global citizenship. The core of literacy, math, social studies, and science is complemented through weekly specialty classes in Spanish, art, music, technology, library, and physical education.

As a K–12 school, Bush makes ample space for Lower School students to interact and work with students from different grade levels and divisions. The buddy system within Lower School allows students in the intermediate grades to mentor their primary grade peers; K–12 family groups and school-wide activities give Lower School students the chance to know Middle and Upper School students and to envision themselves as well-rounded citizens playing a leadership role in the community.

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