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Middle School

An awakening to what's possible

Middle School at Bush builds on the foundation of joyful learning in the Lower School by challenging students to compete with themselves to discover their strengths and to turn their ideas into actualities. By meeting the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of students making the transition from childhood to adolescence, Bush's Middle School develops engaged individuals with a strong sense of self who are eager to apply their talents and passions.

The Middle School program harnesses the growing capacity for critical thinking and self-awareness in young adolescents, meeting all students where they are and enabling them to find success in a progressive and demanding educational program. Each student is provided a wide variety of opportunities in experiential learning that balances pursuit of individual interests with risk-taking in new arenas.

E-lectives and E-Week, the hallmarks of the Middle School program, provide appropriate levels of choice and autonomy in experiential activities that enrich the core curriculum. The E-lective and E-Week offerings give students space to delve deeply into their passions and to reach safely beyond their comfort zone.

Bush's Middle School faculty are experts in guiding students through early adolescence. Bush's varied program allows students and teachers to interact with one another in a wide array of settings, establishing rich teacher-student relationships that transcend the classroom and provide a lasting benefit for students.

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