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There are few fields as dynamic or fast changing as technology. The Bush School's technology, library, and media literacy curriculum supports the mission and foundations of The Bush School by fostering an equitable and multi-literate community of collaborative and self-sufficient learners. Our teachers strive to be a catalyst for serendipitous exploration, innovation, and engagement with resources across diverse platforms and formats. We know today more than ever that digital technologies provide increasingly powerful tools, offering a variety of educational opportunities that elevate teaching and learning.
Bush’s Technology curriculum is an integral part of a student’s overall educational experience. In the Lower School, students take a Computer, Engineering and Design (CED) course each year, starting with basic coding and computer skills and moving toward creating multimedia presentations and other more complex tasks. 

“CED in the Lower School is about students and teachers being comfortable users of technology resources. We learn by observing, experiencing, experimenting and doing,” said Jeffrey Adjei, Lower School Technology Teacher.

In the Middle School, CED courses are part of a quarterly rotation with visual arts, drama, and music courses each year. Click on the link below to learn more about our technology program.


The Bush School's technology, library, and media literacy curriculum supports the mission and foundations of The Bush School by working closely with all students to support technical creativity, basic literacies, and information fluency. The Marjorie Livengood Library is a resource for all students from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. The library contains more than 16,000 cataloged materials including books, periodicals, audiovisual media, and e-books. Students and teachers also leverage an array of advanced research databases to promote both content-area knowledge and fluency in research methods.

Each division features an engaging and carefully sequenced curriculum in technology and information literacy, ranging from typing exercises to design and coding. The following is a sample of recent projects from each division. 

Divisional Tech Projects

  • Lower School portfolio websites and original compositions using Garageband
  • Middle School projection design for theatrical productions
  • Middle School Fashion Tech Elective with circuits and LED lights 
  • Upper School new engineering and fab lab
  • Upper School hand-built spectrometers
  • Upper School Computer Science using Java
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